Established by founder Kate Seselja in 2015, The HOPE Project is a not for-profit that aims to educate workplaces, schools and community groups on how to proactively live a sustainably mentally healthy life. Our mission is to provide practical help for people struggling with addictions and destructive behaviours. To restore HOPE.

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I have never been more inspired - the mission of The Hope Project is truly the real deal.
Great person, great speaker. Recommend her and the AWAKE course. Support The Hope Project on it awesome incredible journey.
Kate is inspiring others to not only seek help with their own addiction, but to use the successful strategies developed by Kate from her own experience to help themselves.
Kate's story was very powerful and honest, it opened my eyes. I will be looking for people like Kate - so I can help or make that first contact.
Participant of Consumer Voice Club Training
Kate was amazing - she showed courage to be able to stand up and tell her story.
Participant of Consumer Voice Club Training
Kate's story was really helpful as it showed that the problems of gambling can affect anyone.
Participant of Consumer Voice Club Training
Having an actual recovering problem gambler stand up and speak with us was really good.
Participant of Consumer Voice Club Training
Listening to a true story of someone's gambling problems helps hit home how important it is to be provided with information to anyone we think needs help.
Participant of Consumer Voice Club Training
I am daily living a mentally healthier life – my best life; thanks to Kate and the Hope Project.
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