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Self-destructive behaviours and addictions are perhaps some of the most documented of society, whilst simultaneously the least understood. All of us have been touched in some way by addiction and pain in life, either through personal struggle or someone close to us.

The Hope Project believes that the person and the addiction or behaviour are separate. A human being should never be defined by what has been or what currently exists. It is possible to successfully shed not just the behaviour, but the guilt, pain and shame of struggle and reclaim your passion and unique purpose in life, your vital place in the rich fabric of humanity that we all must contribute to. Our core belief is in proactive prevention education via a sustainable mental health initiative, AWAKE, kindness towards self and humanity follows. Restoration of society by providing hope. We implement and raise awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and link people and services to create positive change.

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With an inspiring and hopeful story, Kate, the founder of the Hope Project, shared her struggle with addiction to CNN. See the full video here

Kate is a Telstra Business Award Finalist.