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Sep 16 9:00am
Canberra Theatre Speaker


Kate Seselja is a voice in the darkness for people struggling in isolation. She’s on a mission to change the way society judges and stigmatises our struggles. She has recently partnered with the UN Association of Australia in support of the UN Sustainability Goals.
Aug 30 10:00am
Welshpool Business Station, WA Speaker

Vulnerable Conversations

Vulnerable Conversations with Kate Seselja is an opportunity to have the difficult conversations around addiction and addictive behaviour, that will help build meaningful, supportive relationships with those you love.
Jun 5 5:30pm
Vibe Hotel, Canberra Panelist

Ask Kate That!

Canberra Wise Women are honored to be hosting a screening of the Gambling episode of You Can't Ask That - featuring Kate. After the screening we will hold a panel discussion chaired by Lish Fejer of ABC Canberra. The panel will feature Kate Seselja, Professor Laurie Graham and another former Canberra gambler. These women are determined to create change in our local Canberra community in regards to gambling and poker machine access. Relationships Australia will also speak about the services and support they offer.
May 15 6:30pm
Questacon, Canberra Speaker & Panelist

The Launch of Goal #3 Starts with ME – UNAA & The Hope Project

The Launch of Goal Number 3 Starts With ME. ‘Goal Number 3 Starts with ME’ is program delivered a partnership between the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) and The Hope Project. A panel discussion on the importance of the SDGs to Australians and the future of Australia will occur between: Michael G Smith (MC), Kate Seselja, Diane Kargas, Patricia Garcia, and Graham Durant AM.
Apr 6
ABC iView Speaker

You Can’t Ask That

Kate Seselja is happy for you to ask her anything about her former poker machine addiction. Anything. How could you take money from your own childrens' mouths? Why didn't you just stop? How much debt did you rack up? Why didn't someone at the club report you? You Can't Ask That asks gambling addicts the awkward, inappropriate or uncomfortable questions you've always wanted to know the answers to, but never had the guts to ask. Available until 6 Apr, 2020.