Established by founder Kate Seselja in 2015, The HOPE Project is a not for-profit that aims to educate workplaces, schools and community groups on how to proactively live a sustainably mentally healthy life. Our name, The Hope Project, embodies what we do. HOPE Stands for Help Other People Every day, one of the key foundations in finding happiness and peace for ourselves and those in our community.

The Hope Project addresses the need in society to bridge the gap between people experiencing struggle and crisis point. The escalation of human struggle exists for 2 reasons. People are afraid of judgement so they don’t seek help until their distress is quite advanced or they simply lack the modelling and skills to navigate life another way.

The Hope Project believes in connection to self and humanity as a whole is critical for human beings to thrive. We seeking to change the negative outcomes of our modern society by coming at the issues from a different perspective. Enabling honest conversations to occur in work, school and all community environments, destroys stigma and releases people from shame and equips people to not live in fear. Helping people develop emotional intelligence, equip resilience and understand the importance of connection to both self and society.

The United Nations set 17 Global Goals that addresses the desperate needs of human and environmental suffering that our modern world is experiencing. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent the Hope for our future that we can achieve by 2030. For this to occur it requires everyone to be involved so no one gets left behind. The Founder of The Hope Project visited the UN in New York in August 2016 and delivered sustainable mental health training at UN Training of the SDGs in October Toronto Canada. The alignment of AWAKE mental health training and the SDGs is a crucial partnership for the best possible outcomes for society and global humanity.


The Hope Project is proudly affiliated with:

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Kate Seselja is ACT’s first Goodwill Ambassador
with the World Kindness Australia Movement.
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Kate Seselja was Certified by the United Nations as an Advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals in Toronto.