Online AWAKE Course

AWAKE  Online Course is a fresh way to regain personal power through changing the context of the struggles we face, as an opportunity for learning and growth. this extraordinary 5 week course is full of essential life learning.

AWAKE is a framework of skills and knowledge to help put into perspective the pain and struggles we face as human beings. Being AWAKE helps you let go of the façade of perfection, unlocks the freedom of being ok with being human and creates a path to see clearer how we might uniquely contribute to humanity. Your pain tells a story and it is not to be viewed as a negative or used as a barrier to true connection to self and others.

Why is this important? The conversation that exists at the moment is completely inadequate to both help or prevent people from experiencing severe personal outcomes.

We all know someone in our life who has struggles with addiction and mental health, yet we have really failed to see as a modern society what is going wrong in the first place that is leading to these outcomes. People are in no way shape or form intending these painful outcomes to be their reality yet never the less it happens daily. Suicide, crime, violence addiction, depression and mental health. People driven by pain to reach devastating outcomes.


Because we are ill equipped emotionally (emotional intelligence) and lack awareness (personal intelligence) because the main focus has been on academic intelligence and simply following rules and laws.

This has left no room for the human element. In fact we regularly judge very harshly those who step outside the lines. People are getting left behind, afraid of choices that they have made or afraid of the pain that has been inflicted. Holding on to pain and not giving the mind an opportunity to make sense and process a situation, thoughts or feelings, is leading to these heart breaking outcomes.

The other giant mistake that is being made is trying to squeeze that person in a box or expect them to labour under a label. Because of the negative perception of pain and struggle when we hand someone a diagnosis it removes HOPE.

This crucial knowledge could help bring about different outcomes for pain because not knowing the neurology at play causes confusion and stress around the fact of how someone act completely ‘Normal’ and then just snap or shift suddenly out of control.

We have drawn on Neuroscience to help us understand how the brain is effected during addiction but the missing link in awareness of the relationship between the overwhelming functions of the adult brain overpowered by the effects of shame, fear and pain is the focus of my work in helping people be ok with being human.

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