Reality Chats – Episode One

Welcome to episode one of Reality Chats! In this episode, Kate and Sheena chat about how our perceptions of ourselves and the day we have had impact how we engage or often judge others.

Reality Chats from Reality Chats on Vimeo.

In a digital world, we can too often say things through a faceless social platform that we can later regret or that impact others in ways that we would be horrified to think about. It’s time to slow down and gain awareness of yourself and understand that humans are kind and if we take time to see why someone reacts a certain way, we could learn more and help others in need. Understanding is key, perception can be dangerous.

Be sure to listen out for the challenge we’ve set for you on curiosity. Go out and for a whole day follow your curiosity and relinquish judgement and anxiety. This includes being curious about you and learning more about yourself. Please let us know what you feel and find by commenting or emailing us at

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