The University of Sydney, Charles Perkins Centre Lecture Theatre (Auditorium), Building D17

RESILIENCE – The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope – Exclusive Sydney Premiere & Panel Discussion

Event Date: May 3 2018, 6pm
Event Location: The University of Sydney, Charles Perkins Centre Lecture Theatre (Auditorium), Building D17

We’re so excited to announce that The Hope Project is premiering RESILIENCE – The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope at the University of Sydney. The event includes a panel discussion following the screening of the documentary.

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This incredible documentary directed by James Redford (son of Robert Redford) delves into the science of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences study) and a movement in the USA to treat and prevent Toxic Stress. Understanding this vital information informs outcomes from a public health perspective and impacts on many things from heart disease cancer to substance abuse, depression and behaviour.

The Hope Project has a mission to use the lived experience to create positive change. Lifting the consciousness of communities and tackling complex issues with new understanding and compassion is vital to change outcomes.

“we cannot tackle problems with the same level of consciousness that created them” –  Albert Einstein

Panel Discussion

Following the screening of Resilience, there will be a panel discussion Hosted by Sheena Ireland.

Panel Members

Kate Seselja

Kate Seselja is using the lived experience to create change. Her 12 year struggle with gambling addiction to Poker Machines almost took her life. The passionate mum of 6 has turned her experience into a mission to educate, inspire and create change in the areas of advocacy in gambling reform and Founding The Hope Project to tackle proactive prevention of all struggles through programs focusing on emotional intelligence and resilience skill building. The Hope Project partners with UNAA to promote SDG#3 Good health and well being, Kate is also a World Kindness Australia Goodwill Ambassador and TEDx Speaker.

The Destruction of Shame

Our relationship with the vernacular used in addiction and mental health matters.

World Health Organisation lists mental health as the highest issue of concern in our modern cultures worldwide, this problem impacts so many, when we have more knowledge than ever before about health and wellbeing, so why has it come to this?

Our failure to understand the impacts of shame.

Neuroscience has proven the impacts of cognitive function on a person in an emotional state, however we have failed to see the collective damage of living in cultures promoting perfection whilst public shaming, blaming and judgement are rife.

The vernacular used by society re addiction and mental health is very negative and damaging. The AA mentality and disorder diagnosis culture breeds hopelessness and fuels shame. We as a society have moved so far away for our ability to see someone elses pain because we cannot even recognise or see our own.

We keep normalising and allowing harmful impacts to our wellbeing in an effort to avoid discomfort, the discomfort of growth.

Authenticity and Hope are the antidotes to shame and fear. In the talks I have given across Australia and Overseas one thing is clear. Speaking vulnerably about my experience with struggle and focusing on the growth and learning allows for others to do the same. The mental freedom from being connected to yourself is powerful, the liberation of shame and oppression is vital in a society that can tackle this global epidemic head on and embrace the freedom of being human on the other side.

Embracing positive vernacular like the tool AWAKE, helps self regulate and correct. Bridging the gap between the vast oceans of knowledge re health and wellbeing we have to offer our modern world and creating practical sustainable human beings.

Talitha Cummins – Journalist and Speaker

Talitha Cummins is a passionate mental health advocate; a member of the HIMS Australia Advisory Group and the ‘Mindframe’ initiative; encouraging the responsible reporting of mental illness and suicide. Talitha’s a proud ambassador for the charity ‘Hello Sunday Morning’, a program which creates awareness around alcohol dependence. She gave up alcohol FIVE years ago and shared her story on the ABC’s Australian Story.


Maz Compton – Author of the Social Rebellion

The Social Rebellion explains how freedom from these so-called

‘social norms’ begins with a cheeky month alcohol-free.

Included, is the ultimate blue-print – 31 Days – equipping you with the tools necessary to break free from the attachment of alcohol with everything you do and to make an empowered choice about the role of alcohol in your life. The Social Rebellion will help you redefine your relationship with alcohol so you can discover true freedom and peace.

Sheena Ireland – Specialists in Communications

Sheena is known for always having a smile on her face and a coffee in her hand. She is the Director of communications agency Specialists in Communications and a passionate advocate for mental health support and prevention, being kind and supporting local. She believes storytelling has the power to really connect with people and through it, we can encourage people and influence change for the better.


Host a screening

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