Kate Seselja is an everyday woman, who managed to turn her own dark moments of her life into light and Hope for others. A loving wife and mother to 6 amazing children, on the surface Kate appeared to have it all yet she struggled, Kate was fighting a fierce battle against herself, struggling with a gambling addiction.

Kate found herself at rock bottom when she was on the verge of taking her own life in 2012, because her guilt and shame had become too much. After finding the courage to access help once again, Kate found that something shifted once her self-esteem was addressed and she began the process of becoming self aware and building understanding around her life and all that was impacting it, further shifts took place and she was able to claim back her life and happiness, one day at a time.

When Kate Seselja made the decision to go public with her journey, revealing to her family and friends that she’d had a twelve-year struggle with pokies, even seriously considering suicide, none had expected this revelation from the her. She explained it was for all who cannot find words and understanding when they are gripped in their own darkness whether it be through addictions, depression or mental health struggles. We all have or challenging times in our lives yet we are fundamentally ill-equipped to deal with them in our society that is highly judgemental and lacking in compassion. Considering how close she came to taking her life she felt compelled to go public with her struggle to help others find a path out of shame. Her insights help others relate their own human story and struggles because of her vulnerability.

Kate pushed past her fears and began to be the change she wanted to see in the world. The power in Kate’s message helps others shed the guilt and shame that people dealing with addictions and other life issues face. One of the biggest hurdles in being able to recover from your situation is first letting go of the shadows in your life. Kate is living proof that this kind of transformation is possible.

In the last 12 months alone, Kate has worked both nationally and internationally to bring awareness and education to the issues of addiction and personal crisis prevention. She has spoken at different events and meetings across private, community and government sectors. In 2015 Kate was interviewed for CNN’s Vital Signs series, sharing her story to an international audience, revealing an incredible response of encouragement and uncovering the enormous need.

So far in 2016, Kate has attended events including a sponsored trip to New Zealand for the International Gambling Conference. Mostly recently, Kate travelled to the USA and visited the United Nations and is passionate about addressing the Sustainable Development Goal #3 Health and Wellbeing. She spoke at UN Training in Toronto in October. Kate is now a certified UN Advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals and an Ambassador for World Kindness Australia, a role in which she works as a community leader and agent for positive change.

What sets Kate apart is her unwillingness to compromise on her authentic voice of deep compassion and understanding for all. Her advocacy goes beyond the blanket desire for change in her community. She wants to alter the conversation of recovery and provide a breakthrough in the area of prevention by re-educating audiences on the fundamentals of being human and sustainable mental health. The resource that was created out of her learning, AWAKE, is an incredible framework to help people start the journey to understanding self and creating sustainable change.

Now Kate, as the founder of The Hope Project, teaches others how to recognise, understand and overcome their life challenges using the same strategies she used herself. She has worked as a facilitator of SMART Recovery groups for Relationships Australia and as a consumer voice for the Gambling Impact Society, Kate now speaks regularly at corporate, not-for-profit and community events.

Kate is available to speak for conferences, keynotes and facilitates sustainable mental health workshops based in developing personal and emotional intelligence, for booking enquiries go to Contacts